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Why Russian Brides?

There are a lot of international dating agencies online now. Most of these women come from poor countries in Asia or Latin America. Keep in mind, these women are looking for something different than Russian brides. It is a general perception that mail order brides are looking to escape from a terrible social or economic situation. Sadly, this is often true when considering brides from third world countries. These women are willing to become submissive wives with maid duties because they feel their children will have better opportunities. If you are looking for that type of wife, then stay away from Russian brides! Russian women are highly intelligent, educated and worldly. The reason they choose to seek a husband abroad is because of a simple population problem: women outnumber men in a ratio of 86:100. After the age of 65, this ratio gets even worse at 46:100. Even the Russian women who get husbands can still expect a lonely old age. The men of Russia are in such demand that they get away with treating the women disrespectfully. Rather than accept this fate, many beautiful and industrious ladies choose to become Russian brides for foreigners.

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